Spare a paws for thought for 2 minutes and read Tinks story.

Paws of Love work tirelessly behind the scenes saving precious innocent lives everyday when there is no valid reason to end them.

Tinks Story

Tink and her babies (Finn and Hazel) were on the kill list at a Melbourne pound simply because they were “scared” (who wouldn’t be scared getting taken to the pound with two newborn babies!!)

With thanks to the relationship Paws has with the City of Darebin, we rescued Tink and her babies literally at the last minute.

Unfortunately Tink developed a terrible case of the cat flu which inturn infected the babies. Sadly her kittens without any immunity had not only cat flu but secondary eye infections

All three required overnight hospital care and fluid therapy.

Tink recovered but her kittens Hazel and Finn struggled to recover and needed ongoing care and treatment.

Poor Hazels eyes particularly resisted medication and required various alternatives before her eye infections would clear up.

Tink seem to be improving and was able to feed her babies again and started to gain weight which we thought was a good sign. HOWEVER there is always a twist!

That’s when she surprised us by going into premature labour

5 premie kittens!

Despite emergency care and tireless work by tube feeding etc
None of the premie babies made it.

We had to rush Tink back to emergency to check her for anymore
fetuses inside.

This was traumatic for Tink and all the carers involved.

So all we are asking out of the goodness of your heart to help pay the overdue Vet Bills Paws incurred for Tinks recovering.

We would like to raise at least $1500. I’m sure if we all search inside to the goodness of our hearts we can do it.

Donate here via Paypal right now!

We also accept Direct Deposit, Cheque and Money Orders. Click here for our Donation Page.

Thank you
The Team at Paws

This is a thriving happy and healthy Tink, Finn and Hazel today.

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